Recommendations for a Successful Virtual Learning Experience

Two computer monitors

Virtual learning can be a little more of a challenge than being in a classroom surrounded by other participants. Here are a few tips to help keep you focussed during an online training session.

How to set up your virtual computer training session

  1. If possible, set yourself up with two monitors on extend mode (this will allow you to watch your facilitator on one screen while you are practising on the other);
    • Switch to your desktop (Window + D > right mouse click the desktop and choose Display Settings > scroll down to Multiple displays and select Extend these displays)
      desktop multiple displays extended
  2. Turn your mobile phone off (or a least set it to silent mode);
  3. If you are using an online conference tool like Zoom or Webex, however, you also have Microsoft Teams installed, set your Teams status to Do Not Disturb (DND); and
  4. Ask questions! Your trainer will appreciate it and so will the other participants.

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