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OneNote is one one the hidden gems of Microsoft 365 and is ideal for storing unstructured information. You can store notes you take in meetings, insert photos, videos, receipts, emails (and attachments), web pages, PDFs and presentations.

Individual notes are stored in the sections of a notebook and you can create multiple sections. You can share entire notebooks or sections of a notebook with colleagues and sync across devices.

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About this Course

You will explore the capabilities of OneNote to create and organise digital notes and also learn advanced capabilities like attaching files, hyperlinking to files or other OneNote pages, research, and data sharing.

Assumed Knowledge

This course assumes little or no knowledge of using OneNote. However, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the operating system environment, especially in regard to working with files and folders.


1.5 hours


Please view our Pricing page or complete the form below to obtain a quote. The cost will depend on the number of participants and whether training is to be conducted on your site or at one of our recommended training room locations.

Main Topics

  • Identify the components that make up OneNote
  • Create a new notebook
  • Work with sections and pages
  • Add notes
  • Insert different types of content
  • Format content
  • Use the draw tools
  • Create tasks
  • Copy meeting information from Outlook
  • Share your notebook
  • Easily search your notebooks to find your notes

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