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Our virtual and face-to-face Sharepoint training courses will empower your team to boost productivity.
Microsoft SharePoint is a website-based collaboration system that uses workflow applications, “list” databases, and other web parts and security features to empower business teams to work together. SharePoint is primarily a document management and storage platform that is integrated with the Microsoft 365 suite and provides easy file sharing and collaboration amongst the team members of an organisation.

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SharePoint for End Users 

The SharePoint for End Users course covers the features, functionalities, management and usage from the perspective of site members. The course covers the interface that is visible to the end-user, starting from basic navigation to using lists and libraries.



SharePoint for Site Owners

A SharePoint Site Owner is an individual/power user with Full Control privileges to the given SharePoint site. That means that this individual will be able to adjust the security/permissions of the site, be able to edit pages, add web parts, create new subsites and even delete a site.